Window Blinds

Outdoor Blinds

Window Blinds

Our outdoor window blinds are the perfect solution to cooling or insulating your home. Our range of window blinds suit various window types - wind-out, standard sliding and sash windows.

The window blinds attach to the outside of your home, above the window and roll down a wire, either manually or motorized. They shade the window from not only sun but also wind and rain.

  • The breathable fabric keeps heat out in summer and allows any trapped hot air to escape
  • Internal furnishings instantly receives longer lifespan, thanks to the sun block from outdoor window blinds.
  • successfully blocking out up to 95% of harmful UV rays.
  • All of our PVC outdoor window blinds are made tough to stand the harsh weather conditions.
  • The shade cloth is weather-resistant and comes in a range of colours to suit any external home colour schemes.

We’re the trusted family-owned-and-operated business that’s local, experienced and affordable.