Outdoor Blinds

We’ve been providing homeowners and businesses with solutions to comfortably enjoy the great outdoors across Australia for years, with an expertly researched range of outdoor blinds, that are tough to beat.

We handle everything from the free measure and quote to the final fitting.

We support Aussie businesses and ensure that all our products are Australian made – nothing is imported.

Choosing The Right Blinds

It’s certainly not one product fits all.

At Evolution Shade we have an outdoor blind solution to suit any needs, with a huge range of colour options, sure to complement all external areas.

Extreme sunlight. UV rays, Heavy rain, Frosty weather, Even insects! The effects from all these events, can be eased with an outdoor blind from Evolution Shade.

Alfresco Blinds



Alfresco Blinds

Alfresco is another way of saying ‘in the open air’, so an alfresco blind simply allows you to keep enjoying the benefits of the open air with protection.

Our blinds come in clear PVC or ultra-durable mesh fabric, so either way, you retain your view of the outside world.

We attach them to the top opening of your patio and whatever the weather you simply roll the blinds down part way, halfway or entirely – to suit your needs.

Choices vary from manually handled ropes and pulleys, crank handle operation to a motorized with the press of a button.

Window Blinds

The perfect solution to cooling or insulating your home.

Our range of window blinds suit various window types.

The window blinds attach to the outside of your home, above the window and roll down a wire, either manually or motorized. They shade the window from not only sun but also wind and rain, which can result in reduced energy bills.

Roof to Fence Blinds

Roof to fence blinds provide perfect shade and privacy solutions for tight spaces. Either from your window, patio or structure to a wall, fence or other structure, while maintaining maximum living area.

They can be rolled up or down to match the seasons, or to allow full access to the area – unlike a fixed roof structure.